Choir Atlanta 2012

AP Music Theory´╗┐

Glenbard East offers a yearlong course in AP Music Theory. The course explores not only the requirements for the AP Music Theory Exam but also other facets of music composition, performance and study that will intrigue the advanced high school musician. Students will take the class in our state-of-the-art music theory lab equipped with new iMac computers; MIDI synced keyboards and various software programs that will assist in the learning of music. Students enrolled in the class will learn the following concepts:

Basic and advanced musical terminology

Notation in multiple clefs

Ear training

  • All ascending and descending intervals within one octave
  • All forms of major and minor scales
  • Major, minor, diminished and augmented triads and seventh chords
  • Sight singing of melodies and rhythms
  • Notation of soprano and bass lines as well as harmonic function of a chorale


  • Writing four-part chorale notation using music notation guidelines
  • Expanding music notation guidelines into modern compositions
  • Using modern music technology and our state-of-the-art music composition lab to compose using GarageBand and other programs.

Score study and transposition

Previous students have had positive reactions to the class and have found success both in Glenbard East music classes as well as in college music classes.

“Looking back, this class made me an INFINITELY better musician.” - Nick Young

“I was able to apply the concepts I learned to the music I played in class.” - Ashley Clinton

“AP Music Theory helps you understand music and the way it works. It gives you a deeper meaning of music.” - David Bacon

Students from Glenbard East who have taken the AP Music Theory Exam have shown remarkable success. In 2010, all nine students passed the exam with a 3 or higher and the average was 4.222. 

If you are interested in taking AP Music Theory at Glenbard East, contact Mr. Packer at