Choir Atlanta 2012

The Bands at Glenbard East

Beginning Band is a class designed to teach basic instrumental technique and music reading.  After a year in this class, students are usually ready to participate in Concert Band II.  Students who have been in 8th grade band are too advanced for Beginning Band.  Mr. Fawkes teaches Beginning Band.

Concert Band II is the band in which most freshmen enroll.  The focus of this band is on improving instrumental and musical skills through playing great music.  Ms. Cappelletti and Mr. Packer both direct Concert Band II.

Concert Band I is an advanced band mostly with students in grades 10-12, but also with a few 9th graders.  Concert Band I performs more difficult music, so strong instrumental skills and good music-reading ability are important.  Many students in Concert Band I take private lessons on their instruments.  Mr. Packer is the director.

Symphonic Band is the most advanced group at Glenbard East, and is one of the best high school bands in the state of Illinois.  Most students are upperclassmen.  Nearly all members of Symphonic Band have taken private lessons during their musical careers.  Ms. Cappelletti is the director.

Marching Band and Pep Band are made of the combined members of Concert Band I and Symphonic Band, which meet during the same class period.  The Marching Rams play at home football games and Pep Band performs at home basketball games.  Ms. Cappelletti and Mr. Packer both direct the Marching Rams. Mr. Packer directs the Pep Band but lets Ms. Cappelletti hang around.

Jazz Lab Band and Jazz Ensemble are optional, extracurricular groups that play the coolest jazz music.  Jazz band welcomes saxophone, trumpet, trombone/euphonium, and rhythm section instruments.  Many students learn an additional instrument to play in jazz band. Auditions happen in September. 

Band Placement

Student placements are determined by audition.  Auditions for incoming 9th graders, and current Concert Band II members, take place in March right before Spring Break.  Seating auditions for Concert Band I and Symphonic Band members take place in October, toward the end of marching season.  The goal of auditions is to put each student where he or she will have the greatest opportunity to be successful while keeping the needs of the program in mind.  The directors consider the following factors:

  • Playing ability
  • Music reading ability
  • Practice habits
  • Attendance
  • Age
  • Instrumentation needs
  • Important: whether the student takes private lessons

All of our ensembles are fun, caring, positive places to learn and perform interesting band music.  No matter where you are placed, you will have a great time in band at East!