Choir Atlanta 2012



Help us help you! Update your information now!

Charms is the system that we use to:

  • Communicate with all members of your family
  • Send occasional updates and reminders
  • Track payments, inventory, lockers, etc.

It is vital that we have current contact information for all family members.  We won't send spam or needless messages, and we WILL keep you in the loop!  Please consider including student cell phone numbers and carriers; that way we can text reminders straight to them!

  1. Go to
  2. Drop down from ENTER and click on ‘Parents/Students/Members’
  3. Enter school code "GEHSMusic" and click ‘Enter Charms’
  4. Your password is your GE student ID number; click ‘Enter’
  5. Click on the orange ‘Update Info’ icon
  6. Input cell phone and cell carrier if you can receive text messages
  7. Input your personal email address, NOT FirstClass
  8. Check your other information and update as needed
  9. Click on the green ‘Update’ icon
  10. Click on the red 'EXIT CHARMS' icon

That's it!  Thank you so much!