Choir Atlanta 2012

Guitar 1 and 2: Do Something Fun!

Glenbard East offers two semester-long guitar classes: Guitar 1 and Guitar 2. Both classes are great fun and offer cool learning and performing opportunities. Moreover, both Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 can be re-taken for credit! You will:

  • Learn chords to well-known rock, pop, and folk songs.
  • Learn to read both staff notation and tablature.
  • Get to know rock, metal, pop, blues, reggae, folk, jazz, and classical guitar styles...and more!
  • "You pick the tune" projects, culminating in our one-of-a-kind GE Guitar Coffeehouse

Guitar 1 presents an excellent learning environment for the absolute beginner as well as the self-taught guitarist. The first-time guitar player will get a strong technical foundation and an enjoyable musical experience. Those who have played guitar previously will be exposed to further challenges and exciting new concepts.

Guitar 2 is typically for students who have successfully completed Guitar 1. The class explores more challenging chords and chord progressions; advanced techniques with the right hand, including finger picking; riffs and solos from well-known rock songs; and solo and ensemble literature.

Guitar 1 and 2 are a BLAST! You'll be glad you took the class. Questions? Contact Mr. Fawkes at