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E-mail from July 18th

Here's what went out on July 18th.  If you don't receive our e-mails, please update your information in charms by clicking the charms link at the bottom left of this page.  ALL the big info goes out via e-mail, so you don't want to miss out!


Hello Band!

We hope you have been enjoying your summer and working hard on those ILMEA etudes!

Band camp is just around the corner!  The percussionists have been hard at work for weeks and the rest of us will jump in shortly.  I have attached another copy of the information packet that was distributed in class last spring.  Please make sure you read it over.  If you did not turn in your order form at the end of the year, then please fill out this short Google Form to let us know your shirt size and whether or not you'll be ordering the meal plan.  If you did turn in your paper form last spring, then there's no need to do this again.  This is REALLY important and very short.  Please fill out the form by Sunday.

Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for camp:
Play your instrument daily-this will build the muscles you need for the long days.
Make sure you have joined the remind groups!
Encourage a friend to try color guard.  They just come with you on the first Monday of camp.
Get outside and be active-take a walk/run in your neighborhood, or have a daily dance party.
Make sure your instrument works... much like cars, they need to be maintained yearly.  Have it cleaned & oiled, get pads replaced, replace broken ligatures & missing screws, make sure you have a good supply of quality reeds (at least 3 strength... you could also try a quality plastic reed for marching!).

Lastly for today, we could use one or two more adults as well as one or two more students to help organize our new uniforms.  We will be working on this this Thursday from 10AM-2PM.  Please let me know if you are available!

Thank you and see you very soon!
Ms. Cappelletti & Mr. Packer

2018 Marching Rams Info Packet


Marching Rams

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Marching Music

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Fanfare & Entrance

National Anthem

Rams Fight

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