Choir Atlanta 2012




Devil Georgia Mallet Parts

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(There are a couple outtakes...)


Marching Percussion Sections for 2017-2018


Here is the list of our front ensemble and drumline personnel.  There are a few people missing because they're either not assigned yet for a percussion class, or they're not listed because I have yet to hear their audition.

By the way, we have a new section called "Auxiliary Snares"!!  Those folks will be using the older set of snares and playing a variation of all the snare parts.  Why not have more snare drums on the field?!?! 

Now, let's get moving with our exercises, cadences, and very soon, show music!  See you Thursday(s)!


Marching Percussion Summer Form


Click on the link below to tell us when you're available over the summer.  With how big our percussion section is for 2017-2018, we've got to get the summer rolling (get it?) as quickly as possible.  Once everyone has shared their information, we'll be able to communicate even better!

Marching Percussion Summer Form



Here are links for the rudiments on our scale sheet.

Single Stroke Roll

Double Stroke Roll

Five Stroke Roll

Go to Schoology and check our class page for audio files from the benchmarks.  Reed 4 for drumset is on there!