Choir Atlanta 2012


The Glenbard East Music Department offers two levels of piano.  Piano 1 and 2 are both designed to accommodate the musical needs of all students.  Since you work at your own pace in piano, you will be successful no matter what.

Piano class is about learning to play the piano, of course…but it also includes much more!  In both levels of piano class, students will…

  • Improve their piano playing ability.
  • Learn to read music.
  • Think about the role music plays in their lives.
  • Examine how popular music and media attempt to influence teen culture.
  • Use the music lab’s computers and GarageBand® software to create, edit and mix podcasts (short radio shows).
  • Use the lab’s computers and Finale® software to understand how computers can notate music, and how computers interact with electronic keyboards.

Piano 1 is for students who have not taken piano class at East before.  Some students have played the piano for many years.  Others have taken music classes at East or in middle school but don’t really know how to play the piano.  And, there are always a lot of people who like music but haven’t studied it in school before.  All are welcome!  You move at your own pace.

Piano 2 is for students who have already taken Piano 1.  In Piano 2, you continue to build on the skills you learned in Piano 1 as well as do some more individualized work on whatever music you want to learn.

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