Choir Atlanta 2012

Private Lesson Scholarships


The Glenbard East Music Association (GEMA) has set aside funds to assist deserving music students in taking private lessons this semester. All Band, Choir, and Orchestra students are eligible to apply for private lesson scholarships--whether or not they are currently taking lessons.

Spring applications are now closed.

Music families: Each student who was chosen to receive a scholarship has received a letter from their music teacher this week. If you applied, please ask your child if they were given a letter!

Please be aware that we were not able to fund every student who applied. For every round of scholarships, we have to balance the needs of each individual family with the ultimate goal of getting more students started on private lessons. Sometimes we can extend scholarships for an additional semester; other times, we are simply not able to do so. Please, keep applying!
Also, do you know that YOUR child has a music fundraising account? Every student in the music department does. Students earn funds by participating in certain fundraisers over the course of the year. Fundraising money can be used for all of the following: music department travel, private lessons, and music supplies and maintenance.